The $100,000 Wells Fargo Tiburon Challenger welcomed players for the first day of play at the nine-day Men’s Pro Circuit event on Sat., Sept. 24. “Tennis was of the highest order right out of the blocks, with matches starting at 10 a.m. and finishing around 5:45 p.m.,” reported tournament director Brendan Curry. Cal Berkeley wild cards Filip Bergevi and Andre Goransson both advanced, as did Stanford No.1 Tom Fawcett. Goransson beat another qualifying wild card, Perry Gregg. Gregg, the youngest player in the draw, played a strong match before going down in straight sets, but, said Curry, “Make no mistake, we’re sure to see more of him in the future.”

Men’s Qualifying Singles – First Round
[3] E. Gomez (ECU) d L. Renard (SWE) 62 64
G. Jones (AUS) d [4] L. Sonego (ITA) 62 67(5) 64
[5] L. Glasspool (GBR) d F. Nielsen (DEN) 57 61 64
E. Crepaldi (ITA) d [6] E. Eremin (ITA) 67(5) 64 60
[7] B. Klein (GBR) d A. Carter (USA) 46 62 61
[8] S. Caruso (ITA) d M. Reyes-Varela (MEX) 64 61
M. Reid (AUS) d B. Saraiva (POR) 61 62
C. Farren (USA) d [WC] S. Verbeek (NED) 63 75
[WC] A Goransson (SWE) d [WC] P. Gregg (USA) 62 64
M. Mmoh (USA) d L. Bambridge (GBR) 63 63
[WC] F. Bergevi (SWE) d M. Schnur (USA) 67(4) 75 61
T. Fawcett (USA) d M. Zincirli (TUR) 76(3) 61
D. Nevolo (USA) d J. Salisbury (GBR) 36 63 61
H. Hurkacz (POL) d J. Lamble (USA) 64 75 


Center Court – 10 a.m.
[2] D. Shapovalov (CAN) vs [WC] A. Goransson (SWE)
[3] E. Gomez (ECU) vs [WC] F. Bergevi (SWE)
[1] A. Giannessi (ITA) vs M. Reid (AUS)

Court 1 – 10 a.m.
M. Mmoh (USA) vs. E. Crepaldi (ITA)
G. Jones (AUS) vs D. Nevolo (USA)
T. Fawcett (USA) vs [8] S. Caruso (ITA)

Court 4 – 10 a.m.
H. Hurkacz (POL) vs [5] L. Glasspool (GBR)
C. Farren (USA) vs [7] B. Klein (GBR)

Not before 1:30 p.m.
TBA Doubles Qualifying

Main Draw First Round
[1] B. Becker (GER) vs. T. Paul (USA)
Y. Bhambri (IND) vs. D. King (BAR)
[WC] B. Baker (USA) vs. A. Krajicek (USA)
[WC] R. Bellamy (USA) vs. [5] D. Novikov (USA)
[4] F. Tiafoe (USA) vs. A. Sarkissian (USA)
[SE] J. Smith (AUS) vs. M. Arevalo (ESA)
P. Polansky (CAN) vs. [WC] M. McDonald (USA)
Qualifier vs. [7] E. Escobedo (USA)
[8] Q. Halys (FRA) vs. B. Rola (SLO)
G. Zemlja (SLO) vs. M. Krueger (USA)
D. Nguyen (USA) vs. S. Groth (AUS)
Qualifier vs. [3] T. Smyczek (USA)
[6] S. Kozlov (USA) vs. G. Clezar (BRA)
[SE] T. Sandgren (USA) vs. Qualifier
J. De Loore (BEL) vs. Qualifier
[WC] N. Rubin (USA) vs. [2] B. Fratangelo (USA)